Karassn Released New Wireless GSM Home Alarm Security Two Way Audio App Controll

- May 25, 2017-

KS-799S assessories.jpg

Main features of the GSM alarm security system:

1, Two Way Audio home security, widely used in household, house residential, small   offices etc. Wireless alarm system, user-friendly,
2, Can be used as a hands-free mobile phone to call any preset mobile phone No for on-site monitor, for arm, disarm, (when you leave home forget to arm the    panel, you can call it for all the operations) Also anybody can call this alarm panel as long as ge authority of password. People around the panel can    make two way talk with any callers.
3, Wide band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, maximum support 8 alarm phone NOs.
4, Work together with 48 wireless sensors
5, App control, one-press button for emergency, SMS to inform any situations.
6, The user around the panel can call any 9 preset phone NOs for help.

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