Karassn IP Camera To Be The Best Wireless IP Camera For Most People

- Jul 25, 2015-

After 20 hours of researching, interviewing experts, and testing, I found the Karassn IP camera to be the best wireless IP camera for most people. Though it’s not an all-encompassing security solution, it hits the sweet spot for those looking for a basic piece of monitoring kit that’s easy to set up and use indoors.

Who should get this?

If you’re looking to check in periodically on your home, pet, business or tiny human being with the best possible picture quality, and you’re interested in the burgeoning connected/smart home market, then the Karassn Cam is for you. This is not, however, for the security buff or those looking for wired IP camera networks or full CCTV systems. It also doesn’t tie into connected home security systems (like our pick, FrontPoint Interactive), which typically use Z-Wave or Zigbee-compatible security cameras. And, of course, it can’t see anything if the power or Wi-Fi goes out. If home security is your primary reason to get a network camera, Karassn Cam is not for you—instead consider, you know, a home security system.

This is geared towards those wanting a basic monitoring system that’s easy to use, set up, and monitor from anywhere. There’s no need to run Ethernet cables, figure out your IP address or configure your firewall. You don’t have to worry about setting up a home server or swapping memory cards to record and view footage either because it’s all done in the cloud. Just set it and forget it.

If you would prefer a more tinker-friendly setup and are willing to put in the effort, that’s cool too, but we think most people are better served by an easier-to-use, all-inclusive package. That said, we did look at a few less-user-friendly options and you can read our takes on them in the competition section.

Web-connected cameras have historically been a pain in the butt to set up. From running cables through your walls to figuring out which port to forward, it’s never been for the faint of heart. So a goal of ours was to find one that you could easily set and forget.

We looked for cameras that had a mix of exceptional picture quality, low-light performance, recording functionality, reasonable bandwidth usage, and remote access capabilities.

Karassn Cam is easy to set up, taking less than 90 seconds, and has HD video, mobile apps, night vision, motion detection alert. Well, it met just about every one of our criteria with flying colors. It was the easiest to set up out of the box. In less than 90 seconds, just about anyone can set up the Pro. Download the accompanying iOS or Android app, plug in the camera, connect to your wireless network via the app, and your cam is up and running. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about port forwarding or firewalls. Also, as you’ll see in the pictures below, the image quality is astoundingly good compared to the competition.

A breadth of options to configure the Cam are available to users on both the mobile app and via the desktop version. More importantly, it’s easy to read and understand what you’re doing. You can configure the following by tapping an on/off toggle or slider: status light, HD video, night vision, image rotation, audio, mic sensitivity, scheduling (by time or geo-fenced to your mobile), and alerts.

Alerts can be configured to send an email in the event of a motion or sound or or push by apps. Email alerts also include a photo of the event trigger and a timestamp, and in our testing came in less than a minute.  

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