KS-70B-BE Wireless Outdoor Stroble Siren

KS-70B-BE Wireless Outdoor Stroble Siren

It has 120dB, once intruders break the widnows or doors, the siren will alarm right away to scare away the bad guy. 120dB wireless outdoor stroble siren with voice and light sign , suitable for big factory, school, prison and banks. It has built-in battery, it still works well when AC power failure, it can gives low battery tone alert.

Product Details

Main Features:

Wireless Outdoor Siren adopts 8-digit single chip process. The user can choose the code by self that achieve multi-siren in the same code. It has enforced sound and light alarm function. The device equips with tamper and removes protected features. It is convenient and reliable. It’s packaged with a kraft paper box.

Alarm volume
Working power
AC220V ± 15%
Wireless frequency 
Standby current 
BackupbBatteryDC12V 700mAH
Can be heard 
Within 500 meters 
Box size 
32cm X 19.5cm X 11.7cm
Gross weight 1.3 kg/box
Quantity of each carton 
12 pieces 
Carton size 
62cm X 35cm X 51cm

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