KS-500A 999 Zones Long Distance Alarm System for High Building

KS-500A 999 Zones Long Distance Alarm System for High Building

Introductions: 1 Big capacity 999 zones alarm system 2 Wireless connection, easy to setup 3 Long distance protection, 6 kilometers and 20th floor high building 4 Low false alarm and high sensitivity

Product Details

Main Features:

1) 999 zone independently; can arm or bypass and define for common 

zone or emergency zone

2) Register code between wireless sensors and main unit in manual input; it is 

easy for extension and maintenance and no false code happens

3) Super LCD display, menu program and voice guide 

4) Access codes (installer code and user code) can be modified 

5) Two timers for activation and disactivation 

6) Latest 100 pieces record can be queried; latest alarm record can be displayed

at the same time

7) Supply one N/O (Normal Open) and one N/C (Normal Close), DC 12V output for

device that requiring power supplied (light, siren or linkage device) 

8) One audio signal output can connect with 8, 15W passive horn or sounders; if 

the passive horn or sounder active, the inner siren will be replaced 

9) The mini printer can print alarm record

10) The inner or external battery for optional, over charge/discharge protecting

11) Low power alert by voice or printing

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