Karassn Refreshed Your Idea about IOT Smart Fire Alarm at IFSEC

- Dec 23, 2019-

Over 40 years of experience and innovation, IFSEC Global has become the pre-eminent authority on the global security and fire industry. Its relationship and collaboration with leading industry associations, government bodies, research partners, training providers and education specialists makes the India IFSEC a big event with multiple visitors, attracting more than 18000+ attendees,more then 350+ brands of public security and fire security. 

Karassn also refreshed the new knowledge about smart fire alarm, IOT solutions, with innovative smart long distance fire alarm, providing solution for wireless long distance 999 zones alarm with multi-functional cerntral monitor software attracted a lot visitors to cconsult at the booth. 


What's more, Karassn's richful wireless and wired accessories also attracted a lot people's attention. The multiple accessories like Pinfrared PIR, door sensor, smoke sensor, siren, and water or gas leakage sensor can meet customers various demands. 


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